Tawantinsuyu: Uncovering New History Essay

Tawantinsuyu: Uncovering New History Essay

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Most of what we enjoy today as inhabitants of North and South America has been built through the process of conquest and colonization. There are many reasons why people accepted the risk to leave the great cities of Europe to cross the Atlantic into the unknown, and still today new reasons are being uncovered. It was an age when the Old World dreamt of expansion, and thoughts of the day mostly centred on ideas that new land to the West offered boundless territory, new trade routes, abundant riches and adventure. At the forefront of all this were wealthy European kings and queens, vying to be the first to stake their claim on this new opportunity. Great expeditions of sea bearing men risked everything on the voyage across for a chance to win favour with the crown. This New World was still for the most part an unknown entity. Almost upon arrival the colonizers met with fierce resistance, and came face-to-face with the realization that many people already called this new land home. Staking a claim in the name of king and country and commencing to mold the New World with customs and traditions of their European ancestors would prove to be a much longer, more arduous endeavour. Modern scholars of anthropology and archaeology have shown that colonization methods and recorded histories share similar themes throughout the New World. It is widely accepted that throughout most colonized lands the recorded history of events, people and places are arranged (and rearranged) by the conquerors, leaving the rich history of the indigenous peoples to vanish. Generally, most people today are predisposed to this single account of history upon which to base the truth of the past; and sadly modern society has been lulled into ...

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