Essay about Tattoos : Cultural Status Of People With Tattoos

Essay about Tattoos : Cultural Status Of People With Tattoos

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Tattoos come from a long history in many places and from many cultures; however today I am only focusing on the American history of the tattoos. Over the past thirty years tattoos have undergone and ecstatic change while the American 's cores cultural Reference books actually see tattooing as an art. (Levin) During the 1970 's artists began actually expanding their artistic skills on to tattooing. Artist took discipline fine arts to a whole new level. They aggrandized their im-agination and began to embrace tattooing for the art it actually is. They found a new way to show their personality through new arts. Tattoos have changed in the cultural status, been put in to museums and galleries as art, and have changed from just being in the subculture to pop cul-ture. Your body is a canvas why not add a little color to the painting?
The cultural status of people with tattoos has changed over time. Have you ever actually looked at someone with tattoos? Your first instinct is to think,” oh their a trouble maker or their a rebellion”, but do you even know the person? What you’re thinking is actually a normal reaction. We don’t take the time out to get to know someone before we gather an opinion of the person. Tattoos are more popular on the “important people” of all of history and of Today’s society. Did you know Thomas Edison had the cryptic tattoo of five dots on his forearm? Today just about every celebrity, rock star, or model we see or know of has at least one tattoo. During the last fif-teen years two very different types of tattoo business classes have arose. (Levin) (Random History .com)The first type is the “tattoo parlor” while the second type is “tattoo art studios”. Tattoo places don’t like to be called a “tattoo parlor” beca...

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...g and art exhibit entitled "Needlework: A Festival of Woman Tattoo Artists." (Thobo-Carlsen) It was not only evidence of the museum-quality treatments tattoo artwork is receiving around the country, but also of the growing numbers of female tattoo artists who are yet another group changing the nature of the art and atmosphere of the professional tattoo business. The conference was orga-nized in cooperation with Erie County officials who regulate local tattoo artists.
Given these points, tattoos are viewed as an actual art. The work of these artist are permeant and will last for a whole life time. Tattoos have hit a striking spot in Society today and back 3 decades ago. I am in no way trying to convince you to go out and get a bunch of tattoos, but if you looked at someone with Tattoos I would hope this paper has changed your opinion of the person with the tattoos.

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