Tattoos And Piercings : The Work Community Essay

Tattoos And Piercings : The Work Community Essay

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Tattoos and Piercings in the Work Community
Would you let your child be taught by a man or woman who has tattoos or piercings? Would you be comfortable to be served or helped by someone in a professional manner who has tattoos and or piercings? These are just a few questions that have been raising a lot of debate in the past few recent years due to the increase of people having tattoos and piercings in more noticeable, and harder to cover up spots.
Tattooing has been around longer than our grandparents, grandparents themselves. One of the first records of a tattoo recovered recently was found on a man who was frozen in ice. This man is said to be 5,200 years old. His body was recovered on the Italian-Austrian border back in 1991 (lineberry). In North America, tattooing has been around since the Native Americans. In the tribe Chickasaw tattooing was used to display power and status raking throughout the tribe. As time went on, the first tattoo shop opened in New York, in 1846 to tattoo service men on either side of the civil war. Later in 1891, the first electronic tattoo gun was invented by Samuel O 'Reilly (designboom).
Piercing has been a part of history for a long time, even recognized in the bible itself, and dates back to even earlier than that. For example, in the bible chapter Genesis 24:22, Abraham asked his oldest servant to find his son a wife, which was gifted with a golden earring which in Hebrew translation was a nose ring (Morrison). Not until recently in the past 20 or so years has piercing taken off and becoming more commonly found on the bodies of most people here in the world.
There are statistics that say that adults from the age of 18-25, 36% of them have at least one tattoo. Adults from the age of 26-30, 4...

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... long journey. Unlike the trend now because it looks cute, another common tattoo that was found on Navy sailors would be an anchor. This was what kept the men grounded, because out at sea, the anchor is the most secure thing out there. It would commonly have a name of their mother hence the “mom” tattoo in the heart, but they would also either have a loved one they had at home. The other biggest tattoo found in the 50s was the pin-up. This was a tattoo of a sexualized female commonly found on the bicep of the men. This was tattooed on them because when they were out, at battle or wherever they may be, they wouldn’t be able to see anyone other but the men they served with. That tattoo would be the only female company they could get, so in general terms, it was technically pornography. This tattoo was just to keep the man it was on company on his long journey (cider).

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