Essay about Tata Steel Company in India

Essay about Tata Steel Company in India

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TATA STEEL : Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited also known as TISCO. Its an Indian multinational steel manufacturing company whose headquartered is in
City :Mumbai
State: Maharashtra
Country :India
Its a subsidiary of the Tata Group. According to the report it was the leading steel producing and manufacturing company in the world ( 2012 ). Tata Steel has a stable international presence in developed European markets and high speed securely growing Asian markets with manufacturing operations in 26 nations.
Tata Steel main industrialized unit based in Jamshedpur (Jharkhand )
On 12 February , 2012 Tata Steel accomplished 100 years of steel making in India.
Tata Steel's main competitors are

The Jindal Group was initiated in 1952 by steel visionary Shri O. P. Jindal . Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) is one of India's major steel producers. Jindal steel headquarters is in
 City : New Delhi
 State: Uttar Pradesh
 Capital:India
Jindal Steel New/Expansion Projects:
 Chhattisgarh
 Jharkhand
 Odisha
Jindal Steel contributes to India's growth widely .Jindal steel products are
 Rail
 Plates and Coils
 Angels
 Channels
 Wire Rods
 TMT-Re bar

Jindal steel got many awards for contributing to India's growth.
 Environment management awards
 Performance awards
 Safety awards
 HR awards
 Sports Promotion awards

JSW Steel ltd

JSW founder name was Sajjan Jindal . JSW founded in 1982 .JSW Steel Ltd is also an Indian Steel Company which is owned by the JSW Group based in

 City :Mumbai
 State :Maharashtra
 Capital : India
Post Merger with ISPAT steel it has become India's leading private sector steel company. The G...

... middle of paper ...

...nting and holding the best people
Increasing returns to stakeholders


JSW Steel is a public limited company and is ruled by Board of Directors. The board of directors watch over the overall working of the Company. JSW Steel is a creator in the use of innovative technology.

Business Excellence
Sustainable Development


SAIL has a INDIA’S largest operational blast furnace at Rourkela Steel Plant .

Quality Productivity
Profitability and Customer Satisfaction

Essar Global Limited is a diversified business corporation. Its steel-making capacity of 10 MTPA.

According to the Wednesday, February 26, 2014 : Essar Steel is expected to raise product rates by around Rs 1,000 per tonne succeeding month.

Reduction in waste
Fully utilization of all reources

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