Essay The Task Of Defining Citizenship

Essay The Task Of Defining Citizenship

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The task of defining citizenship is a difficult endeavor which takes much thought and careful examination in order to make sense of what constitutes the ideals of citizenship. Citizens are individuals who have a legal status within the state. Unfortunately it would take an amendment actually the repealing of an amendment to end birthright citizenships. To do that will take years, if not decades. So it can be done, but it won 't fix the short term problem. What the US needs to do is to secure borders to stop mothers from coming into another country illegally and having their baby because as soonest they do they become American citizen and they cannot be denied any government benefits. It is completely different when a person does come here legally and it’s just from another country and they end up having a child with illegal immigrant I do not see what damage they’re making as longest they’re not taking advantage of any benefits the government is providing them and they have decent jobs. Unrestricted birthright citizenship divides families by giving children a different citizenship from their parents. This causes big problems when parents in the country illegally are arrested and put in deportation proceedings. The children have a legal right to live here and the parents don 't. When parents choose to leave their US citizen children here, the US government is blamed for separating families. While you can deport the parents, doing so creates two major problems. One, you suddenly have an orphaned child that the US government must care for costing untold dollars and nearly ensuring that that child will not grow up to be a contributing member of society and two taking a child away from its mother - thus showing the world that we are a ...

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...citizenship through one or both of their parent the process can be difficult for even experienced immigration attorneys. The point it proving a child citizenship would be overall a difficult situation. Some children would immediately acquire U.S. citizenship, but others might have to naturalize to become citizens. Getting citizenship could be an expensive process and the state charges a substantial fee for citizenship assessments. Another con is that the case could take weeks or even years because the cases are very delicate that include many documents and old records If all of these important documents are not fill out out the right way and make a mistake if could lead to the citizenship being denied. All of these solutions would costs a lot of time and money being invested for it to actually happen they would have to create a whole new system from rock bottom.

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