The Targets Selection Of Lone Wolf Terrorism Essay

The Targets Selection Of Lone Wolf Terrorism Essay

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The Targets Selection of Lone Wolf Terrorism
The lone wolf terrorism has gradually increased its frequency in recent year, and it often caused a serious consequence that people hard to bare. In Dr. Becker’s study, he pointed out that the victims of terrorist attack seem no specific relationship, nevertheless, it does have some hypothesis principle in the targets selection theory. Because of economic, emotional, psychological and other issues, the lone wolf terrorists hope their terrorist attacks can bring great social impact and revenge effect. Therefore, they may choose the target often has the following characteristics. First, the crowd gathered place. The place where the crowds gathered was the best target for the lone wolf terrorists. The crowd can become a cover for the attacker, the police have the energy to fully and timely control of security, the attacker does not require special equipment and weapons, can cause great harm, while the impact of the impact of the most far-reaching. This characteristic fit the hypothesis theory of operational success because the lone wolf terrorist wants higher degree of the bonanza. For example, on July 14, 2016, the lone wolf terrorist attacks France train station. The attackers ' weapons were only pistols and trucks, but it caused up to 86 people were killed and 200 injured in one attack. Moreover, the famous object or building is an ideal target for lone wolf terror act. Although the success rate of such attacks is low, but the outcome of the actions may affect many religious enthusiasts in droves. This demonstrates the hypothesis theory of ideology, which will gain attention in short time. For instance, the lone wolf attacker in 911 event has been seeing as a group of heroes in the Isla...

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...he traditional terrorism, the lone wolf terrorist used less resource than traditional terrorist but create large fatal violence that society can barely stand. It used lower cost with the higher outcome to achieve their terror belief which reinforces some other young followers to repeat their action. Moreover, in the psychological perspective of lone wolf terrorists are not considered as a psychopath, instead, the majority of lone wolves came from the high education background and social status which is out of the public expectation. Furthermore, the lone wolf terrorism creates a new social crisis of fear because it is difficult for law enforcement agencies to track their terror activities. As a result, it is a new task for the government to play the primary role in protecting public away from the lone wolf terrorism and provide a stable community for general people.

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