Target Strength Analysis For Target Corporation Essay

Target Strength Analysis For Target Corporation Essay

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Target Strength Analysis
Target Corporation is a well-known retailer in the world. The company offers multiple products and services and to satisfy every needs of its consumers by offering these products in one destination. Secondly, the company provides their products and services by offering higher valuable products but with affordable prices in most locations within the United States and other countries. The company’s store has multiple divisions to satisfy and to differentiate the needs of its consumers. Other strength includes the store’s large square foot store with attractive design to create an excellent shopping experience for its consumers. Other strength includes strong retail chain distributions, employee diversity, and successful marketing growth and lastly, the company has programs for its school communities that donated millions of dollars. “Throughout the year, the stores provide education grant…educational field trips, early childhood reading program and…arts.” The company also provides other programs including public safety grants, food donations to poor families and a local support for United Way. (CorporateTarget)
Target Weaknesses Analysis
Target maybe one of the largest mass-merchandising retailer, however, one of the company’s weakness is its lack of store locations within United States and other countries. Secondly, the company has decreased profits within its grocery department.
Lastly; Target’s prices are more expensive than other similar large retailers such as Walmart.
Target Opportunities Analysis
Target has become one of the largest retailers within the United States; however, the company can increase its yearly profit by expansion of more stores in other cities within United States and other co...

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...esign will no longer be a factor.
Target Corporation was founded in 1902 by George Draper Dayton in Minneapolis Minnesota. Before the company was known as Target, was a small store called Good Fellows Dry Good Company. Today, Target is one of the largest retailers second to Walmart. The company offers wide products and services that would appeal to higher and middle class target market. The company’s business strategy consists of offering an upscale atmosphere and products and marketing its product with higher expenditures. The company has been successful within its business strategies, however, the company needs to consider making changes by store expansions within growing communities in United States and international. Additionally, to maintain its current and to attract more consumers, the company must consider lowering their prices to remain competitive.

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