Essay on The Target Market For The Retail Store

Essay on The Target Market For The Retail Store

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Retail stores consider many factors when designing the store to assist with maximizing the experience that the customer will encounter. The average customer has no idea that the store places such amount of thought into the setup and design layout. Everything from the merchandise displays to the locations of certain departments are designed to increase the revenue and success of the store. The target market for the retail store is classified as the type of customer that will contribute to the success and can evolve over time if the store is experiencing difficult times. The ability to be fluid in decision-making is required because change is constant with any customer driven business. The majority of retail customers desire the convenience of knowing that they are getting their money’s worth when selecting a store to shop in, but other customers are drawn to higher priced items without hesitation about the price. The visual representation of the retail store is important to encourage impulse buying, shopper traffic direction, and overall sales. Employees play a part in the success of the retail store because customers consistently need assistance or recommendations.
Retail stores decide on a target market that they will attract to the store. Having a clear vision of the type of customers a retail location wants to attract will help solidify success. To select the target market a retail store will visualize their customer base and identify what type of customer will be attracted to the store, decide how to segment the overall market and research the market to ensure everything will proceed as expected. If the target market is lower to middle class grocery shoppers than high prices in an upscale neighborhood would not achieve the d...

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...out is an asymmetrical design of fixtures and aisles that creates a relaxed intimate environment. This setup is found in specialty and up-scale stores.
The interior design of the retail store should be pleasing to the target market to encourage comfort while shopping in the store. The design should provide a utilitarian benefits for the customers to locate and purchase products efficiently throughout the store, and hedonic benefits by providing an enjoyable and entertaining shopping experience. The longer the customer stays in the store will increase the opportunity for impulse buying. Visual merchandising focuses the customer’s attention on a representation to generate interest. There are several types of visual merchandising that are used to generate additional sales, including window displays, point-of-sale displays, interactive displays, and mannequin displays.

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