Essay on The Target And Positioning Strategies Of Apple

Essay on The Target And Positioning Strategies Of Apple

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The target and positioning strategies of Apple are different as well because most of its strategies are related to cult branding. A cult brand has committed users that want to be a part of the unique brand (Acosta and Asagayam, 2010, p. 165 ) because the brand creates an exclusive image from scratch. To create this appeal, Apple invests a great amount of money into its branding so that customers have the connection with this brand only. Moreover, the positioning is done in such a way that Apple customers prefer form over functioning. The type of products Apple has introduced in the market have created a premium image of the brand. This also shows that Apple has offered a limited number of products in the market, which if diversified would damage the upscale image of the company. On the contrary, companies and competitors like Samsung have extended product line that cater to all types of customers, from lower to high-income levels. Apple has maintained its image of being an innovator by giving extra importance to the minute details of consumer usage experiences so that their preferences are examined closely.

Critical Evaluation of How Organization Uses Strategic Marketing Techniques to Fulfill its Marketing Objectives and Consumer Requirements

Marketing strategy works best when it is formulated by keeping the overall organizational aims of the company in view (Pride and Ferrell, 2008) because that helps to target the right audience with the right message to ensure the delivery of right product. Apple does this by emphasizing on three main factors: empathy, focus and impute (Moorman, 2012). Apple does its marketing by staying close to its customers. The company knows its customers well by hiring only those employees th...

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...d resolving their issues, E for ending with a friendly farewell and inviting them to come back again).
Apple is an expert in fulfilling the customer requirements because this is the only reason its marketing strategy has worked for the past so many years. It has taken over a large market share by its innovation, especially when it first introduced iPod and iTunes, it revolutionized the market (Johnson, Christensen and Henning, 2008). It has been learned from the Apple 's success story that with the infusion of technology in its product, a powerful business model was also a factor that played its part strongly. It should be rightly said that Apple is not all about customer care but customer obsession (Heydt, 2014). Apple does this by keeping a close eye on the customer experience, fact and figures in the past and also eliciting innovation from customer feedback.

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