Tap water: Awful or Satisfactory? Essay

Tap water: Awful or Satisfactory? Essay

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Health is one of the most important things for most of us out there. I'd like to present a question. Why do we continue to put so many things that can be hazardous into our bodies with no regard for where it came from? A few of us will take care in checking to see if our friendly food service worker is wearing gloves or not, but beyond that, some of us are lucky to make sure we're checking the date on the milk in the fridge before we drink it. We can protect ourselves so easily from what makes us sick, yet we choose not to do so. More often than not, we could be making better choices regarding what we choose to nourish ourselves with, not just with food, but even down to the very water we drink.
Back on the fifth of August of 2010 on the Google Trends page (where you can go to see what people have been looking up), “Poisoned Tap Water” was the number one search people were submitting into Google. This was because everyone was up in arms about something a man named Alex Jones had said on a television show he has. Basically he said that fluoride has been and is being added to our drinking water. He believed that it was poisoning us and our children. The main purpose of fluoride being added to the drinking water in the first place was to help our teeth, it's supposed to make them stronger. The problem with adding too much, or even adding any at all, is that fluoride is already naturally present in most of our water. Adding too much fluoride makes for brittle teeth as you get older in life. This is why many of us see adding fluoride as unnecessary. The government does not feel this way. Not only are they still signing laws to add fluoride to our water, they are trying to increase the amount they're adding on top of w...

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