Essay about Taoism : Religion Of Taoism

Essay about Taoism : Religion Of Taoism

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In Asia during 6th century BCE the religion of Taoism first started. The original form of Taoism beliefs that there is no God, instead they have an ethereal being that they do not know, making them unique in the world as most religions have a deity to fall behind as a uniting factor. In modern Taoism the ideas have changed a lot since its conception. Taoism is an interesting religion because of its beliefs, and its practice now.
Tao literally means the “Way” or “Path” but has many different different associations. In Taoism the Tao is the “One” Tao in Taoism is a natural eternal power that is in everything from the beginning and allows people to follow the way that they are meant to. This is apparent in even other religions such as the Orthodox Church when The holy fathers say that, “Man was created in a state of pristine simplicity—pure awareness” (Damascene). This shows that even other religions can belief that man is supposed to be simple and be in balance with the world. The active expression of the Tao is called the Te which is the result of the person actively living and learning about the Tao. The ethics of Taoism concern being naturalness spontaneity and simplicity. The most important doctrine of Taoism is the wu-wei. The wu-wei is the effortless action Wu wei may be interpreted as the skill of effortless doing, paying attention to the little details so as to nip problems in the bud before they become insurmountable. This means that the wu-wei is also the idea that everything in the universe is in harmony with each other but when someone exerts their will against the world and the will does not fit with the harmony of the world the person who wills may disrupt harmony and may have consequences of doing so. Although it sou...

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...lf spiritually with cosmic forces, making spiritual journeys and improving physical health to extend ones life to the point of immortality.
Taoism is a very interesting religion because of how it has changed over the centuries and its beliefs. Throughout history Taoism has changed from its core philosophy to a religion that was once one of the most followed in Asia but now is a small religion that has little influence over the world. The teachings of Taoism teach the reader that they must search within to find what they are looking for. This shows that Taoism is one of the only religions that requires searching within in order to go into the afterlife. This is the most important fact about the uniqueness of Taoism because most religions require the person to belief in a deity that has unlimited power whereas Taoism does not require the belief it requires the actions.

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