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There is something most if not all boys have in common, being either a child or even an adult: an unexplainable fascination with guns. Some would argue that this fascination, along with access to real or toy guns, is in combination with lethal consequences. This belief is based on the unproven notion that children tend to mature with less of an appreciation for the lives of others. On the other hand, there are those who do not view the combination as an issue. These people do understand that there is an associated danger, but that is stems more from the pre installed mindstate of the wielder. Most of those who argue this stand on child gun safety would agree that guns are important parts of American culture, and it would be unconstitutional to limit its availability to the general public. though the combination of children and guns has been proven to be dangerous, it’s understandable to believe that a gun is only a tool. It is rather the lack of knowledge given to children with regards to firearms that makes the combination so lethal at times. The responsibility does not lay with the uneducated children, but with adults who supply guns to children yet do nothing to inform.
Use of guns are a part of American culture. Hunting animals, honoring persons (21-gun salute), and self protection are some common justifiable uses for firearms in the United States. Guns are also present in various forms of entertainment, specifically movies, internet videos, and television shows. Children are most commonly exposed to guns through these formats, which downplay the seriousness and consequences of gun violence. Understandably, children go off into the real world after having watched so many visually appealing programs involving guns, emulating t...

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...those with the power and authority to create change to rise to action and understand this truth.

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