Talent Management Strategy : An Organization Essay

Talent Management Strategy : An Organization Essay

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Envision an organization (profit, nonprofit, product or service-driven) with 200 people in which 20 are identified leaders. They have now created a talent management strategy which align with the organization business strategy. This talent management strategy will help to enhance the decision on who will be qualified to move up with the company. But also have something in place on how they can move up. What it will take to move up with the company. As a result this strategy it will help manager, leaders and the human resource department examine their talent and performance and discover who has been displaying these exceptional skills and performance. The human resource department will be the one that mostly work with the talent management strategy because talent management strategy “essentially includes all of the traditional human resource processes: recruiting, selection, development, human resource planning, performance management, retention and other” (Silzer, 2010). This talent management strategy will also be a successful system to collect and process the number of data like what their stats are, how many customers they assisted and what the customer think about their service. How long it takes for them to follow up with the customers as well. Therefore it will keep a track of the record and provide a report and the data monthly. So that the leaders, and human resource can look at when they consider new employees for management role. In addition, this system will keep a track of how manager rate their competencies and objectives quarterly. During this process of promotion the leaders and human resource department will also look at their talent.
Determine which performance management process you will employ to measure emplo...

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...ue to train our global talent management so that they can do their job properly by making sure things are in place before they happen and we are hiring the best talented, skilled and knowledgeable people to join are team. We are overcoming barriers like technology, communication, training programs and others. These things are already in place, so we are now focusing on how to do processes better, motivate the team, recruit and attain employees. Lastly, just making sure that they have the best benefit and compensation plan because all of these things are motivating performance which are creating increase in productivity, expanding and growth. With having these problems comes bringing on more talented people on board.

Recommend a process that optimizes a sustainable talent management process.
A process that optimizes sustainable talent management process would be

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