The Tale Of Oliver Twist Essay

The Tale Of Oliver Twist Essay

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General Introduction
The tale of Oliver Twist is legendary to British culture. The story of the novel centers
round an orphan named Oliver Twist, whose mother died immediately after his birth in
a workhouse. The novel focuses on the social injustice done to the orphans in the
Victorian period. The main thread of the plot unravels the nature of the criminal world
consisting of characters like Fagin, Sikes, Jack Dawkins, Nancy and Betsey. Dickens’s
aim of writing the novel was to show in the boy Oliver the principle of good surviving
through every adverse circumstance and triumphing at least. This object is achieved
through the fact that Oliver remains uncontaminated by evil and vice around him. The
filthy localities in which the criminals have to hide themselves reflects the dark aspect
of the Victorian time of scientific advancement and technological progress. The
message is clear that forces of evil must be defeated and that good shall win finally.
Social Picture in Oliver twist
Charles Dickens portrays the Victorian society with acuteness. The author criticizes the
workhouse administration, which were supposed to provide the necessities of life to
destitute and the orphans and abandoned families. In the earlier chapters of the novel
focus on the wretched conditions under which the workhouse the inmates of the
workhouse had to live. The callousness of the board, which ran the workhouse, is also
clearly exposed. The orphan were not given required food. They were only given some
cloth just to cover their bodies. Oliver Twist is an example of such an inhuman
treatment. He was never satisfied with the food he was given. Therefore, to eliminate
his hunger he asked for more and because of this, he was handed over to a new maste...

... middle of paper ...

...d as black novel because is shocks the reader
at the sight of gloom and darkness, filthy localities and streets, criminals and their
activities, cruelty and hard-heartedness of characters.
Oliver is cruelty treated in the workhouse, because of wanting more, he is
handed over to a new master, Mr. Sowerberry, and he has to work there from morning
to six o’clock. The blackest picture is the picture of child-labor and child-abuse. Oliver
has to work as an apprentice to undertaker’s business. He has to stay and sleep with
coffins, clothes for dead bodies and other funeral materials so he feels mental anguish.
Again, the blackest aspect of the times is the picture of juvenile delinquency. A
number of boys and girls like, Dodger, Bates, Joby, Nancy and Betsey have become
thieves and involved in criminal activities. They are always threatened with the fear of
being arrested.

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