The Tale Of Fairy Tales By Madame De Beaumont, Hans Christian Anderson, Disney And Dreamworks

The Tale Of Fairy Tales By Madame De Beaumont, Hans Christian Anderson, Disney And Dreamworks

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Fairy tales are stories made for both adults and children of all ages and are normally told orally or through literature. These tales have always been useful in helping to develop children’s imagination and teach them simple life lessons, such as never to wander the woods alone. Through the use of violence and magical elements, as well as focusing on younger characters in fairy tales, it reinforces the didactic patterns found in both traditional and modern tales written or created by the Grimm Brothers, Madame de Beaumont, Hans Christian Anderson, Disney and DreamWorks.
To begin, most, if not all fairy tales contain a little bit of violence in them. Violence has been a popular method used in children’s tales to exaggerate certain scenes and make a clear point in teaching kids how to distinguish the “good” from the “bad” and the dangers present in society. In the past, parents were not as concerned with protecting their children from things, such as violence and death, which is why traditional fairy tales tend to contain gorier and more detailed examples of cruelty. The tale of “Frau Trude” written by the Brothers Grimm tells of a young girl who disobeys everything her parents tell her and immediately goes searching for Frau Trude right after they warn her of the dangers. As a result, she is punished for her disrespect and disobedience, as the witch later transforms her into a block of wood and throws her into the fire. It is evident that by using the idea of murder and not allowing for the child to live after possibly having learned her lesson, it is meant to draw fear to the young readers, as well as depict a clear message that if you do not listen to your parents then bad things can happen. Another example by the Brother’s Gr...

... middle of paper ... it makes it easier for young readers to relate and engage with the text.
In conclusion, by observing several traditional and modern fairy tales, it is noticed that the didactic patterns from one story to another are not that different. There are several effective ways that stories get messages across to children and that is by including elements of violence, as it provokes fear in children and keeps them from making the “wrong” decisions in life; elements of magic, as it grab the reader’s attention and shows them that the best rewards go to those that are deemed “good;” as well as through the use of creating young and admirable main characters. Therefore, fairy tales all share the same goal of wanting to teach the reader something by the end of it and to do that, authors borrow many major themes and ideas from each other to make an effective and worthwhile story.

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