Essay on Taking The Heat By Deborah A. Harris And Patti Giuffre

Essay on Taking The Heat By Deborah A. Harris And Patti Giuffre

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Gender in the workplace has been becoming an important topic due to the new developmental change in our economy and the push to have the workplace be diverse and highly educated. But within these changes, there is still in idea that women should not be seen equal to men in the workplace. One of the main reason that this is still occurring in today’s times is due to the influence that media has on the public and their idea of what women’s roles should be. One of the most complex ideas that are being seen in the media, is the role of female bosses in films. In the book, Taking the Heat, by Deborah A. Harris and Patti Giuffre discusses how women are seen when they are place into male dominated field such as a kitchen and how men react to this. Within the book, they discuss the three types of model that women in leadership roles women are placed in; Bicthes, Girly Girls, or Moms. Films are able to reinforce the social norms of these roles and makes the public feel this is the only way we will be able to see women in leadership roles.
The first roles that Harris and Giuffre discuss is the Bitch. The role of the bitch was describe as being “used as a pejorative aimed at women who are not fitting traditional gender roles” (Taking the Heat, pg. 141) and as a “negative response to women in leadership positions, particularly in male-dominated fields, stem from perceived norm violations” (Taking the Heat, pg. 141). It is also seen as a way to have “a strong personality and being able to push back when men questioned (her) authority” (Taking the Heat, pg. 140). One film that is able to show how our society accepts the norms of gender stereotyping of female leader in the workplace is through the movie, The Proposal in 2009. Within the film, ...

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...he newer films, Bad Moms is able to show us this example of the mom leadership style. Amy is a mother of two that works at a coffee company as a part-time employee but her boss Dale does not know what he is doing. Many of her co-workers are lazy and Amy must pick up the slack by acting like their mother. One of the scene in the movie that is able to show the mom style is when she is talking to her assistance. Instead of yelling at her assistance about not reminding Amy that she had a meeting, instead Amy does not get upset at her and continues to speak to her as a mother was being upset with a child.
Overall, movies have an important impact on what the public is being exposed to when it come to gender norms within the workplace. By continuing the practice of women bosses being placed into categories, it takes away from seeing women as equal to men in the workplace.

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