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Taking Storm Water By Storm Essay

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Taking Storm water by Storm
John Rattenbury with R. G. Vanderwell Engineers in Boston, summed up the coming of age with rainwater harvesting by saying, “People have long considered storm water to be a waste stream that must be disposed of as soon as possible. But over the past 10 to 15 years, there has been a significant shift in this attitude which now recognizes the value of storm water for irrigation, groundwater recharge and other uses” (Horwitz-Bennett. 2013). The latest trend in building development and the commercial property industry is having a LEED certification. This trend could possibly be one of the most positive trends to date as far as development is concerned. The Environmental Protection Agency’s “National Storm Water Program”, is a program where runoff from the first rain after the erection of a development is collected and tested for “chemical and biological mitigation” (Horwitz-Bennett. 2013). While many developers and contractors see this as tiresome and an encumbrance, or hindrance, sustainable-minded designers and managers see it as a huge opportunity for watershed management and storm water/wastewater management. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the number one source of water pollution in the country is actually from the storm run-off of roofs, roads and parking lot surfaces.
Having the ability to transmit the rainwater from these areas and towards the catchment would aid in pollution count reduction and groundwater recharge – as well as, habitual flooding areas. Many municipalities around the world could use this to their advantage. However, according to the author, the incentives for governments and municipalities to invest in rainwater catchment systems are very low. With rainwater catc...

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...rough water evaporation in the air; resulting in the decrease of dry air temperatures as humidity levels increase. There are several different methods in calculating adiabatic cooling:
• Moisturize by the surface sheet of water
• Water mass evaporated by the lifting of water in a fountain
• Heat losses by evaporation
• Heat losses by radiation
• Heat losses by renewal of water sources
• Heat losses by transmission

4 Research Results / Findings


Below is a map of the river system of water flows from the Sierra Nevada to the Alhambra Palace. The map shows the water entering the palace at the Generalife around the bottom of the map. This is the first point of water flows at the Alhambra. The water starts at the Generalife, makes its way through the palaces, the gardens and ends up on the other side of the palace flowing back out into the Rio Darro.

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