Essay about Taking Sides: An Analysis of A Doll’s House

Essay about Taking Sides: An Analysis of A Doll’s House

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Time can have a way of changing people sometimes. It can cause people to forget, learn new things and even change views on topics. Such was the case in my own life over the course of two years. When I was a junior in high school, I read A Doll’s House (1879) by Henrik Ibsen for a literature class. The play is about a woman who illegally borrows money to save her demeaning husbands life. Later being blackmailed by a banker, she reveals what she did to her husband who is horrified. In the end, she decides to leave the family to further find herself. After reading and analyzing it as a class, I came to the conclusion that Nora was right in what she did. She was a pioneer of her time in that she spoke her mind and was able to voice her independence. However, two years later after rereading it for this class, my view has changed of Nora. Instead of being strong and independent, I am now viewing her as childish and a poor mother. By using a Readers-Response approach to analyzing literature, I will compare my views between each time of reading the play. Just as I have viewed Nora differently, other readers can create their own take on the play based on their knowledge and life experiences. Due to many views on the play’s ending, Nora can be viewed as either a strong, independent woman or a childish woman that does not realize the impact of her actions.
Unni Langas points in her article, “What did Nora do? Thinking gender with A Doll’s House” (2005) helped to strengthen my first view on the play. The main point in her article is that she wants people to see the play more as a story about a woman gaining in personal development and courage rather than gender roles in a society mostly male dominated. At the end of the play, she wants reade...

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... continuum of time; however, it is enough time for me to change thoughts and opinions on this play. In the beginning, I viewed Nora in a different light than when I reread it a second time. Two different scholarly articles back up both of my views though in how I took the play. In the end, I challenge readers to possibly pick up one of those pieces of literature they had to read a while back. By rereading it a second time, their views could be changed or warped into something completely different. Why not give it a second chance?

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