Taking Risks in Life Essay

Taking Risks in Life Essay

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Not every event has a guaranteed outcome- sometimes, one has to take a gamble in the game of life. There are some, however, who would prefer to travel within the safe, confined lane of actions with a definite outcome. Deciding whether or not to take risks in life can be tricky, but as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Do not be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment.” This quote means that people should take risks in their endeavors, because life is precisely about trying new things and experiences. As the quote explains, taking risks in life is a vital step to success, fulfillment, and gaining more out of experiences.
One reason why Emerson’s quote illustrates a valid idea is that taking risks can lead to success. Often, taking a risk is just the jump one needs to reach his or her goal. Many successful individuals have followed this concept to success, such as the founder of the radio website Pandora, Tim Westergreen. As stated by Forbes.com, when Westergreen’s company was just starting up, it suddenly ran short on money. At the risk of falling even further into debt, Westergreen took a risk to defer the salaries of his employees. Nonetheless, Pandora was able to get back onto its feet, and has become a great success as one of the most popular music websites. Another example of an accomplishment that stemmed from taking risks is Christina McHale’s experience. As stated by Forbes.com, the now-professional tennis player quit traditional school to become homeschooled in order to focus on her dream of playing tennis. Even though her chances of entering a top university were uncertain with a homeschooled diploma, McHale was eventually able to become a great tennis player and has even competed in the 20...

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...rious other individuals have shown that gambling a bit with one’s chances can be ultimately beneficial. After all, the only way to get anywhere, whether good or bad, in the game of life is not to timidly dwell in the background, but to boldly cast one’s chances forward.

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