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Taking Revenge on Others Essay

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People can be motivated to take revenge on others for various reasons. While these reasons may be considered as very serious or rather trivial, they are all motives for revenge. Revenge occurs when a person has been offended or angered by an individual and in result they have the desire to pay them back. People’s opinions on revenge differ from each other, some may believe it is justified and some don’t. Mahatma Ghandi believed that revenge is not the answer and he stated that “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind”. This quote portrays the opinion that if everyone gets even then there will be no one else; if we all take an eye for an eye everyone would be blind. Revenge can be learnt through real life experiences as well as fiction and can be shown as justice or unacceptable. It becomes difficult to determine when revenge can be justified but is revenge always worth it?
My personal experience with revenge isn’t much, and it concerns little things. Revenge can simply be when a person draws on your book, and in spite you would draw on their book as well. It might as well occur in a game, for example my friend plays a lot of game online and this game is to simply ‘kill’ other opponents. Once, her character got attacked by another opponent but she was not prepared for the attack and she lost. Because of this, she was angry and wanted to seek revenge. She then got all her other friends to ‘gang’ up and attack the opponent. Since it wasn’t a very fair battle, the opponent lost. This act might seem childish and trivial, but this is the act of revenge.
In the book “The Loaded Dice”, two stories “Fingers” and “Mrs Bixby and the Colonels Coat” have demonstrated the act of revenge very well. The story “Fingers” was a tale of L...

... middle of paper ...

...out each other knowing of it. The element of payback is more profound in this story and supports the quote “What goes around, comes around”.
Revenge occurs everywhere in the present and some still seek revenge for past wrong doings. Because of the desire to fulfil the need for revenge, it can lead to an even bigger problem and can globally affect everyone. It can be difficult to determine when revenge can be justified but in my perspective, revenge can’t ever be justified since it can hurt and include other people that were caught in the problem. The two stories demonstrated that the idea of seeking revenge can consume your life and is very serious. It is best for us to let go of a grudge instead of making the other person suffer as much as you did as it is the mature decision. Revenge can be dangerous and immoral and people will go to any limit to seek revenge.

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