Taking English Class During Summer Essay

Taking English Class During Summer Essay

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Taking English class during summer is not my first experience; however, reading and writing stuff such as poetries, Shakespeare, and novel are all my first experience. For me, taking classes in the summer is not a difficulty, it just means things will go faster, and the amount of works will increase.
Still clearly remember the first day of class. Professor, you are very honest and humorous. You tell us that you are teaching in this summer because you have to pay rent, you keep telling us that there has two doors in the classroom, we can leave or drop the class whenever we want. Although you have repeat this information for several times. People are still staying in the room, which I am one of them. As this class goes on, I realize taking this class in the summer is obvious not that easy, and things and stuffs we learn and read in this class are totally different from what I expect them to be. At the same time, be honest to say, reading and understanding the novel, poems, and Shakespeare are not my interest, instead they are my weaknesses. Especially, when I have to understand and writing about them in the summer.
Moreover, every essays I wrote in this class is a huge challenge to me. While writing the essay, I often struggle with the deeper meaning behind the reading that I have to write about. Most importantly, the biggest problem in the process of writing the essay is I often do not know how to combine my ideas and sentences together, which is the grammar error of sentence structure. As an ESL student, English is not my first language; as a result, no matter in writing or reading, I always have to pay more attention and efforts than the native students, especially in this class because it is all about literature. Additionally...

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...many English classes; however, I never meet a teacher like you. You are very humorous and straight- forward, you always explain the reading in a way that makes learning interesting and not boring. I appreciate the way you teach and your attitude toward teaching. Thank you for all that you’ve done.
Overall, although I have to write four essays in seven weeks, I am not regret taking this class in this summer because I have learned a lot from this class. Most significantly, at the same time, this class lets me realize my writing skill and areas I need to improve, which give me an opportunity to make improvement and earn a better grade on my next English class. Eventually, I want to say thank you again, thanks for being such a great and humorous professor, and thanks for making this English class easier for us and teaching us with your wholesome patience and sincerity.

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