Essay on Taking Control of America's Obesity Epidemic

Essay on Taking Control of America's Obesity Epidemic

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“Thirty Percent of adult Americans are overweight,” according to the American Medical Association (CDCP 54). America is a smaller version of the whole world. When the country with the greatest amounts of services of all sorts, has a third of its population overweight there must be a problem. It has become so common to be overweight, or even obese, that even weight control no longer appeals to those individuals as any important action. Weight control, is the process of maintaining a healthy body weight (Klein). Many people blame their poor body shape on not knowing the correct information. There is not too much to know, all there is to a healthy life, is the use of sources that are there for their own good. In other words people need a healthy diet and a sufficient amount of physical activity. These two simple things will keep all individuals, even those who are not overweight, to lead a better life with less obstacles, such as illnesses. Linda Bacon states that “Exercise and diet have a great role in heart disease” (Spake).This suggests how physical activity and diet are helpful when present and the harm when they are not being exercised.
In the past decades, such as 1960’s, 1970’s, and 1980’s, physical activity has always increased; on the other hand, in the recent years, implying 1990’s and up, physical activity has been decreasing (CDCP 57). Currently, fifty percent of Americans are dieting, even though the regularity of dieting causes the dieters to gain weight. Half of the weight that is gained is caused by our environment and poor lifestyles (Spake). At the same time, “The human body biology says that each body has a “set point”, a natural weight that the body strives to maintain” (CDCP 54). When someone loses weight, th...

... middle of paper ... the health of individuals, families, communities, reaching to the whole world.

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