Taking Care Of Doctor : Becoming A Medical Doctor Essay

Taking Care Of Doctor : Becoming A Medical Doctor Essay

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Taking Care Of Doctor

Becoming a medical doctor allows an individual to make an impact on the world by healing the sick. In the United States and in other countries becoming a physician is well respected for this reason. As a physician you must dedicate a lot of time and make many sacrifices. Most people ignore the amount of time medical doctors spending work that too often they neglect their needs. Physicians go through a lot on each day starting off with frequently having unhealthy patients to even seeing people die right in front of them.Most medical doctors get so carried away in the daily duties and do not feel it is necessary to talk to someone about their stress. In everything there is good and bad, it is important to know what you are signing up before committing to it. Physicians emotions occasionally hinder a physicians practice in medicine considering physicians are constantly being bombarded with numerous stressors and death.
Stress can come from a variety of problems that medical doctors face. Family is one of physician 's main stressors considering one 's family requires a lot of time. After working long hours and missing an enormous amount of a child’s game or performance it starts to take a toll. For some physicians stress comes from the family for the reason that they assume you are going to be able to help the with their financial problems right away but that is not the case. Most medical students, must still pay off loans and try to get established before helping others. In Zheng interview she mentions coming from a low class family she did not have much money growing up and she was determined to change this. Once her family started to realize she was making a large amount of money she ...

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...eminder of tips to remember when handling your emotions with patients.

Creating an effective plan to deal with stress is essential to being an effective physician. The first thing that should be done is learning how to detach oneself from the situation. By creating a plan you will not have to struggle with getting too involved in patient 's lives. Taking a class on separation may be helpful for relieving the stress. This is challenging for some especially since a certain about of empathy is necessary for this career. It is important to not hold on to various traumas, but to let it go. Another thing to remember is the difference between detachment and empathy.These types of things can hinder the process.

Doyle, Allyson. “Best and Worst Excuses for Missing Work.” The Balance, About, Inc, 14 Feb. 2014, www.thebalance.com/excuses-for-missing-work-2060606.

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