Taking Advantage in the Animal Farm by George Orwell Essay examples

Taking Advantage in the Animal Farm by George Orwell Essay examples

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In his allegorical novel Animal Farm, George Orwell asserts that those who allow themselves to be blinded by their naive devotion to their work inevitably allow others to take advantage of them, resulting in the eventual destruction of all they have worked for. Using a simple, lighthearted fairy tale, he could convey his message without alienating his readers—readers who were weary of the darkness of World War II and ready to move into a newer, happier, more optimistic age, but who, Orwell believed, needed to be warned to be vigilant against a future controlled by power-hungry rulers. The author entices the readers’ attention by representing the reality of human conditions, that they may draw such lessons as “power corrupts.” The ignorance of the mass of the animals shows that education contributes substantially to today’s understanding of government.
George Orwell causes the readers to become aware of education's role that stratify the population of Animal Farm. Following Old Major's death, the pigs are the ones who took the power to direct and supervise the others—pigs who are the cleverest among animals and "with their superior knowledge it was natural that they should assume the leadership"(17). At first, the pigs are loyal to their fellow animals and to the revolutionary cause. However, it is not so long before the intelligence and education of the pigs turn from "tools of enlightenment to implements of oppression"(Orwell). The moment the pigs are faced with something material that they want—the "milk and apples"(23) for keeping their good health—they withdraw the Animalism equality and use their intellectual knowledge to deceive the other animals. For example, knowing the other animals cannot read and write, the pig...

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...educating the little puppies while they are still young is only for lust of power. The fact that he exiled Snowball existence in the farm by using his trained grown up wild dogs: "dogs wearing brass-studded collars came bounding into the barn. They dashed straight for Snowball, who only sprang from his place just in time to escape their snapping jaws"(35). Napoleon is absolutely a power-hungry ruler, a selfish pig who can tolerate any kinds of coaching violence which only for his own protection and corruption of power. The author causes the readers to distinguish both of their view on education and to think of how could this be helpful in their service of their animal society.

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