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World War One, an extremely devastating event dated from 1914 to 1918. A war that introduced many new and effective inventions, such as the aeroplane and the use of mustard gas, these inventions revolutionised the tactics now used in the battlefield. This war caused a enormouse amount of young, enthisiastic soldiers to loose their lives, not only did it devistate the families of soldiers but also the various countries involved. Although a lot of wars were fought all over Europe the Western Front was one of the most prominant spots of action.
The Western Front, located on the corner of Belgium and France, was a place known for the millions of men who had fallen and the numerous wars fought there. The Western Front, labeled by the Germans, refers to the 700 kilometres of trenches constructed from the coast of Belgium all the way to the border of Switzerland. It was there, where the first major battles were staged during World War One. For the many years that the land was utilised nine wars were fought, and the death tolls rose to an ultimate high, 18.6 million people died on the Western Front alone, 45,000 of those soldiers taken were Australian. Throughout this period the conditions the soldiers were subjected to were horrible, one of the worst being the trenches. Inside they were a scene of horror, infested with extremely large rats, dead bodies of fellow comrades, floods and machine gun bullets flying overhead.
The 'Great War' of 1914 to 1918 was an extremely devastating event to any of the country that were involved. Taking over eight million lives with it, including 45,000 Australians at the Western Front alone. At this time the nation of Australia was just starting to evolve and create an identity for iteself, which caused q...

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