Essay on Taking a Look at the Spanish American War

Essay on Taking a Look at the Spanish American War

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During his presidency William McKinley said, “War should never be entered upon until every agency of peace has failed.” His message never fully reached the American people because in the late 19th century the people were longing for an opportunity to keep up with other empires and they took the first chance they approached. They saw war with Spain as a quick way to prove supremacy and saw plenty of benefits. The Spanish American war was inevitable for America because the people had a strong drive for global power and influence and although it was not completely necessary it resulted in positive outcomes and later greatly helped progress the country.
Conflicts between America and the Spanish Empire built up over years and these struggles were the foundation for America’s acrimony with Spain. The war concepts originally came from Cuban conflicts with Spanish rule. In 1895 Cuba began attempts to break away from Spanish rule and gain independence. Cubans began building a military to fight for freedom and Spain quickly responded trying to suppress the efforts with concentration camps that resulted in many deaths by starvation, exposure, and disease. Americans promptly received news of the terrible rule of the Spanish in Cuba and became outraged at the events urging their president William McKinley to take action and become involved in Cuba’s fight. McKinley was reluctant to start a war even though many people knew that America had to prove their power and dominance in the world to keep up with numerous growing empires at that time. On February 15, 1898 USS battleship Maine had an explosion killing 266 sailors when docked in Havana to protect American citizens and their interests; American people saw it as an attack on them and use...

... middle of paper ... reputation would be far different.

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