Essay about Taking a Look at Teenagers and Anorexia

Essay about Taking a Look at Teenagers and Anorexia

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Teenagers across America have a number of problems that they have to deal with everyday, whether it is bullying, stress, friends, school, or body image. Body image is something that is especially sensitive to adolescents and is a growing issue in the modern day. Teens, especially girls, are the most self-conscious group of people so it is not surprising that eating disorders are most likely to develop when a girl or boy becomes a teenager. Anorexia is the most common eating disorder in American teenage girls along with the most deadly of all psychological illnesses. Anorexia is an emotional disorder when one has an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat. Girls set an unrealistic standard in their mind of what they think a “perfect” body is. The people they live with, peers in school, and models they see on the television and in magazines negatively influence them. Anorexia is not only a psychological disease, teenage girls in America are negatively influenced by their environment, including the people in their lives and what they see in the media.
The environment is one of the main factors of anorexia, but more specifically, peers and family members influence teens greatly. Teenage girls are already self-conscious about their bodies, so all it takes is one bully at school to tell them there is something wrong with them, for girls to purposely harm themselves. Any emotionally difficult or abusive relationship, whether it is with a friend, boyfriend, or a family member, can influence a teenage girl negatively and cause anorexia to occur. “Interpersonal issues that may increase the risk for developing eating disorders include troubled family and personal relationships; difficulty expressing emotions; a h...

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...and this leads to anorexia in teens. Self-esteem issues are also often brought on by the skewed perception of the ideal body influenced by the media. Magazines and the television are filled with models and celebrities with “perfect” bodies and teens became more self-conscious about their own bodies. Lastly, anorexia is a psychological disease. Their brains are not functioning the same way as a healthy person’s brain; therefore they experience a different reaction to food. To an anorexic person, it is easier not to eat because they will not experience thought disturbance and noises. Body image is so important to these teens that they would go through extreme measures to try to achieve their “perfect” body. Out of all of the problems that teens face everyday, anorexia along with all eating disorders are serious and dangerous, and unfortunately occur much too often.

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