Taking a Look at Teenage Suicide Essay

Taking a Look at Teenage Suicide Essay

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Teenage suicide is one of the worst misfortunes thinkable for the victims and their loved ones. When someone between the ages of fifteen and twenty four intentionally end their own lives that is considered to be teenage suicide. It is a serious health problem that can affect anyone today, and will continue to be a serious problem among teenagers. There are a numerous amount of causes or reasons why people decide to do this, but it is one hundred percent preventable. There is an amazing organization to prevent suicide that can be easily started in any school, so I would love to start one in a school near my area. It should be clear to all teenagers that suicide does not have to be the answer, and there are people willing to help if it is needed.
Teenage suicide is the third leading cause of death among people of the age fifteen to twenty four (Caruso). For something that is preventable at all costs that is a high ranking. It is a public concern because it could happen to anyone. If it does happen to someone, all the people around him or her can be negatively affected. Most people are uncomfortable with the topic of suicide (Suicide Prevention). But it is a topic that needs to be known because it is increasing. Simple things like watching for warning signs or making sure there is open communication can save a loved ones life (Caruso). It should stay a public concern because it is something that can happen to anyone but can be stopped with no trouble.
Thankfully I have never lost anyone to suicide, but that does not mean this subject should not be important to me. Since my friends and many people I love along with myself fall between the ages of teenage suicide, it could happen to anyone at anytime and would have a huge impac...

... middle of paper ...

...or the students.
It does not take a lot of money or time to help someone that has been affected by suicide, or who may be affected in the future. If you are helping or volunteering you will not be affecting anyone outside of the targeted population. Since this is not a controversial subject so it should not cause arguments or hurt anyone from outsiders as well.
Teenage suicide is a tough subject to talk about or deal with if you are close to someone affected. There can be several causes or warning signs to watch for because one experience may be different for every person. But since it is one hundred percent preventable, there are countless numbers of things that can be done to help. Suicide is something that can be easily stopped, so anyone can help out and make it known there is always people or places you can go to for help because suicide is never the answer.

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