Taking a Look at Slavery in America Essay

Taking a Look at Slavery in America Essay

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Slavery is a long history that has happened in the United States of America. For years the south in the United States long had slaves working out on the fields, picking cotton or some other task the slave masters had for them. Some had it a bit easier then the ones out on the fields doing domestic chores inside the slaves master house. The slaves weren’t able to read or write and for a reason it was kept like that. The women who worked inside the house could be known as a sex object for the slave master. The “southern code of conduct” did not protect slave women. The religious messages the slaves took from black Christianity contradicted what their master church has been telling them. Men ran away more often then women due to many reasons. Lastly, the Louisiana Purchase helped sustain slavery in the south.
At the time it was a crime to teach a slave person or child to read and write. Reason being why they made it a crime was because the masters wanted to have the upper hand and thought if the slaves were to learn literacy then the slaves would be able to fight back and survive on their own. Although, a small portion of slaves learned how to read and write behind the masters back, but if they were to get caught they would’ve gotten a punishment. At the end, it was unusual for a slave to know how to read and write. They were just there to perform work and didn’t really see life outside of the plantation to be motivated to learn.
A female domestic slave, her relationship with the slave master would be a rough one. For a fact that the female slave was also a sex object to the slave master. If the slave were to disobey the master’s orders, the female slave would get punished for not following orders. The relationship between the mist...

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...ed like animal is such a demoralizing feeling. You weren’t really allowed to do anything you loved to do without having to fear a consequence from the slave master of the plantation.
All in all, the slave trade was a big a business in the south. The Louisiana Purchase made the slave trade even bigger then it already was. These slave masters saw the opportunity to gain monetary and took advantage of the ones that had no rights in the south. So, pretty much these slaves were property and just a piece of meat, something similar as owning cattle. Its property and you’re able to sell it at any given time you would like. Freedom took awhile for these people, but I’m sure when they finally were able to feel it, it was such an amazing feeling for them. After long days under sun being forced to work, you’re now on your own being able to do whatever you would like to do.

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