Essay about Taking a Look at Saint Patrick's Cathedral

Essay about Taking a Look at Saint Patrick's Cathedral

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Saint Patrick's Cathedral, one of New York's greatest cathedrals, is located in Manhattan at 14 E. 51st St. The main reason the cathedral was built was to affirm the ascendance of religious freedom and tolerance. Thousands of poor immigrants and one hundred three prominent citizens helped pay contributions toward the church. The prominent citizens paid approximately one thousand dollars each.This cathedral supports the idea that not one single generation builds a cathedral, but rather the past, present, and future generations do.
According to the official website for St. Patrick's Cathedral, the cathedral was first opened in 1879, after it had begun construction in 1858. Archbishop John Hughes announced his idea of building a “new” St. Patricks Cathedral over one hundred fifty years ago. The purpose of building the new cathedral in the Archbishop's eyes was to build a cathedral that was worthy of the mass numbers of catholics in the area, their intelligence, and wealth as a community. Archbishop Hughes believed that one day, this cathedral would be the “heart of the city.” He also believed that nothing would be able to divert the construction of this soon-to-be gothic cathedral. In October and November of 1878, the Great Cathedral Fair was held for a few weeks. Hughes' successor, John McCloskey became head of the dedication of the Cathedral. The architect responsible for building this cathedral was James Renwick. In 1853, he was hired to build this cathedral with a budget of only $850,000, not including the altars, furnishings for chapels, organs and other furniture. The stone that Renwick chose to use for the cathedral was white marble.

James Renwick designed the cathedral using the Gothic Revival style. On August 15, 1858...

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...hey were praying for world piece, a family member or friend, or the strength to carry out each day. The prayer that I did hear twice though, was a prayer for how thankful they were for their life.
When I got to the altar, it was then I was truly amazed at the beauty of this cathedral, and I wondered to myself, if the people outside only saw what was inside, it would make them think twice about throwing their garbage on the sidewalk in front of it. When I walked near the steps of the altar, it looked like the area was made for a king with the carpet, lighting, and all the artwork around it. It really did look like the throne of a king. I could literally feel the holiness of the cathedral once I stepped foot onto the altar. I felt like that the Trinity was in the cathedral at that point, and I also felt like the cathedral was the border for humanity and the divine.

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