Taking a Look at Roman Sculpture Essay

Taking a Look at Roman Sculpture Essay

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Roman portraiture was known to be one of the most significant and prominent periods in the development of portrait art. Roman portraits are characterized by two major styles the realistic or “veristic” and the idealized elements or “classicizing” both of these styles are known for their unusual realism and the desire to convey images of specific individuals such as gods and emperors. However it is important to understand the early background behind roman sculptures stretches back to the earliest days of Roman history, for example a commend tradition was to create a wax sculpture of the dace of a desist man, which were kept in a special place of the owners home. These sculptures were more of a record the persons existence than an actual work of art, there for it emphasis more realistic details than artistic beauty.
As Roman grew wealthy, Roman aristocrats began to make portraits from stone rather than wax. Yet despite this relative change they maintained their preference from accuracy over artistic expression with the rapid raised or the empire, there was a shark reduction of this trend, not so much in the number of statues which actually stated to increased dramatically but in the amount of people to be represented in a statue. Instead of statue of statesmen, the status now portrays emperors. Later emperors such as emperor Nero would erect similar statues of themselves around their empire.
During my visit to the Worcester art museum I examine many of the sculptures, this museum has a 1collection of Greek and Roman art going back to 1898, out of all of the roman sculptures the sculpture of emperor from Nero was the fifth Roman emperor from the death of Claudius in 54 BC to his death in 68BC. At the binning of his reign, Nero appe...

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...r because in this period figures are no longer idealized, but represented as they actually are, with all of their imperfections. Even though we can only see Nero’s face one can definitely see an important fact to point out is that 3“although Roman portraiture technically was derived from the portraiture that existed in the preceding Greek world, it stands out fro that of all other historical periods”.
The character of emperor Nero is presented in a more naturalistic form, he seems as if he was angry or mad, the reason he could be shown in this manner is because of his evil personality, after all Nero brought the entire Roman empire to the collapse with his legendary cruelty. However, The portraits of the others at the Worcester Art Museum where presented in a better light, not by the museum but by the views of the people at the time each sculpture was constructed.

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