Essay on Taking a Look at Haiti

Essay on Taking a Look at Haiti

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Haiti was the first and only country in the history of mankind whose independence is the result of a successful slave rebellion (Haiti interesting Facts).Haiti’s geography, history, people, lifestyle, and society are very interesting topics.
Haiti has many interesting and beautiful land formations. It is located on the Western part of the island Hispaniola. The Dominican Republic is its neighboring country. Haiti is two-thirds mountainous. The rest of the country features many beautiful valleys, steep plateaus and, grassy plains. Its climate is hot, humid and tropical. The North winds bring fog and sprinkle that interrupts its dry season in November through January. In February and May it is very wet and humid. The Northeast trade winds bring the rain during the wet season. The average rainfall is two hundred to four hundred centimeters. In the summer the average temperature is 15°C to 20°C. In the winter the temperature is normally 25° to 35°C. The climate and land forms have greatly affected the country.
Haiti has a long and interesting history. On December 6th, 1492, Columbus founded Haiti. When Spain tried to take it the land the Native Arawaks fought back for it was their land and had been their ancestors land for hundreds of years. Inevitably they lost to the Spanish rule. In 1697 the French took over and named it Saint-Dominique, it became one of the leading producers of sugar cane. The downside was only the slaves knew how to plant and harvest it so later the industry failed. The slave revolted in 1791 resulting in a Declaration of Independence under the leadership of Pierre-Dominique Toussaint l’Ouverture, being written in 1801. Napoleon Bonuparte stopped the independence act but thankfully in 1804 it pa...

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...on in Haiti Are colorful trucks called “Tap-Taps”. They were named this because when a passenger wants to get off they tap the side of the vehicle with a coin and the driver will stop. They normally cost ten to fifteen gourdes (Haitian money) per ride. Water transport are walking are also very common. Transportation has changed greatly since the 2010 earthquake but it is still running strong.
The economy in Haiti is very poor. In fact it is the poorest country in the Americas. A program was developed in 2005 with the International Monetary Fund. It helped the economy grow 1.8% which is the highest growth rate since 1999. The economy of Haiti grows stronger every day.
You now have the knowledge to ace a test on Haiti. You have learned about the geography, history, people, lifestyle, and society. Haiti is still changing every day and getting stronger by the hour.

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