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“Just in the last 650,000 years there have been seven cycles of glacial advance and retreat, with the abrupt end of the last ice age about 7,000 years ago marking the beginning of the modern climate era and of human civilization” (Jenkins). Whether climate change is real or not has highly been debated among scientists and politicians. In his article, “Is Climate Change Real,” science and political journalist Chris Mooney concludes that skeptics of climate change are influenced by political beliefs and economic interests; moreover, science and politics are interconnected because the government provide funds for scientists to continue their research and use their conclusions to support the political beliefs they belong to. Bottum and Anderson, in their article, “Unchanging Science,” describe climate change as cyclic and claim there is no way to demonstrate it. In Contrast, Sarah Laskow, in her article, “Debunking Green living: Combatting Climate Change Requires Lifestyle Changes, Not Organic Products” purports climate change is real and in order to combat this issue, individuals will have to make modifications to their lifestyles. The existence of climate change is supported by scientific evidence that shows it has worsened over the past century due to the rise of sea level, human expansion of the greenhouse effect, and economic interests; therefore, individuals, along with the government must take steps to prevent further disaster of climate change. Scientific evidence provided by National Climatic Data Center and NASA showing the rise of sea level highly authenticates that climate change is real; a device known as “Argo Floats” measures the rise of temperature and salinity in ocean currents. (Jenkins). According to the st...

... middle of paper ... elevated over the past century due to increase of sea level, carbon emissions, human expansion of the greenhouse effect, and political pressure. Opponents of climate change are politically pressured and sought to believe that climate change is a cause of periodicity by hiding the scientific truth behind climate change. However, individuals, along with the government, must take steps to prevent further catastrophe of climate change. The government should impose new regulations and environment protection polices to regulate reduction of carbon emissions and the greenhouse effect caused by human activities. Specifically, in order to cap carbon emissions and reduce climate change, the government should enact the Cap-and-trade environmental policy to reward companies who would use natural resources to generate electricity instead of emission fuels (Laskow, 342).

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