Essay on Taking a Look at Chinese Culture

Essay on Taking a Look at Chinese Culture

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China is one of the longest standing cultures in the world and has some of the strongest and most stable traditions. The Chinese society is ruled by monarchy and the people of China are organized into a hierarchical system of socio-economic classes known as the four occupations. The four social classes of China are in descending order starting with scholars, peasant farmers, artists or craftsmen, and then merchants or traders. Philosophers, writers, and poets were all highly respected in their society. China has had advantages for farming in the amount of wetland that their nation has naturally. Because of China’s dense population, many of the farmers use their small land holdings to produce enough food for their own consumption, while the little remaining produce is used for exchange against other goods. Chinese farmers in attempts to obtain maximum yield with available lands often use intensifying cultivation techniques, such as the preparation of paddy fields, which can be used year after year. Rice cultivation began in northern China, but because the plasticity of rice is so adaptable to environmental change, it was eventually grown in the different elevations of southwest China as well. China’s vast territory has a diverse environment that is different depending on the area. The Chinese culture has a strong emphasis on obedience and deference to elders and responsibility to the community. There are many strict societal rules for situations they encounter in their lives. Eating can be used as a way to honor guests, socialize, or deepen friendships. Eating with proper manners has an incredible importance in their society. The manners and behaviors that an individual has are connected to their social status and thus if a child i...

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... hard time for China, where they were very weak and vulnerable. Other nations had more advanced militaries than China because China wanted to stay true to their old traditions. The Boxer Rebellion weakened the Imperial government and demonstrated how un-prepared they were. Shorty after the Boxer Rebellion, the Qing dynasty ended after having control for over 250 years, and China finally became a republic. After the Boxer Rebellion was over, foreign troops remained in areas of China and many troops ravaged the countryside of Beijing looting the villages. Foreign troops continued looking for Boxers after the rebellion was over; executing anyone who they believed might be one. Although the Boxer Rebellion was not a success for the Chinese, it showed them how desperately they needed change. China is a great nation with one of the longest standing histories in the world.

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