Taking a Look at Campaign Finance Essay

Taking a Look at Campaign Finance Essay

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Campaign finance is a pivotal yet controversial aspect of American Politics. Successful candidates rely on messages created through surveys and focus groups to win support from the voters. Messages are created based on the current political climate and shortcomings of opponents; for example, in 2012 Mitt Romney used the high unemployment rate during the Obama administration as a focal point of his message. Throughout most of American history candidates relied on Party organizations to spread their message in newspapers, rallies, and door to door campaigns amongst other methods; however, since World War II, television became the primary medium for candidates to spread their message. Party organizations fell by the wayside and candidates finance their campaigns on their own. Political campaigns in the modern era are extremely expensive and candidates have had to rely on outside financing in order to be successful. Campaign financing has become extremely controversial particularly since the 2010 decision in Citizens United v. FEC. While many believe that the money should be taken out of politics, at this point in time it is impossible to run a successful campaign without a large amount of financing. Candidates who try to do so aren’t able to successfully spread their message and get their name out there and are also destroyed by negative campaigns of their opponents.

Current Institution and Effects
Campaign financing plays a large role in the success of a candidate under our current system. Campaign financing increases voter turnout at the poles and in turn increases the number of votes that a candidate receives. While financing is not the sole factor in determining the winner of an election, studies have shown that when all else...

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...ill become the norm in our country. In general most people are opposed to an increase in taxes; while a system could be established that wouldn’t require an increase in federal taxes, I still don’t think that it would sit well with the American public. More importantly, it wouldn’t solve the underlying issue of corporate influence without Constitutional Amendment. As we know, Constitutional amendment is extremely difficult and requires bipartisan support and bulletproof legislation. There isn’t anything close to this regarding publicly financed campaigns and I don’t believe that there will be in the foreseeable future. I believe that the issue of the First Amendment is also one that cannot be bypassed; political speech requires money to purchase advertisements and run campaigns. If independent expenditures are prohibited, the right to freedom of speech is violated.

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