Essay on Taking a Look at Alexander the Great

Essay on Taking a Look at Alexander the Great

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Alexander the Great was a renowned leader and military strategist of the ancient Macedonia Empire who conquered most of the ancient known world. His conquest has led about many changes across his empire, which fuses the cultures of East and West, of Asia and Greece. This fusion is known as Hellenization, a period when Greek culture spread in the non-Greek world after Alexander’s conquest. What resulted was a new attitude toward life and its expectations – a new world view, which saw the shift from the Greek ideal of the city-state to universal empires.
One of Alexander’s greatest achievements was that during his lifetime he had created on of the largest empire of the Ancient world which stretched across from Europe to East Asia. This feat has brought numerous changes to the world, one of which was an end to city-states which were ruled by oligarchy (numerous independent cities). His conquest led to the unification of most of the ancient known world resulting in a new way of power. This new system is called the ‘Imperial System’ which centralized the power over the empire to one person, Alexander, who essentially holds all the power. This is a format which is modeled after Imperial China, Pharaoh of Egypt and Shah of the Persian Empire. This change in political system is crucial to the expansion of Hellenistic civilization, the fusion of Greek culture into non-Greek world. Alexander’s desires to impose Hellenistic policies across his empire were not only an attempt to spread Greek culture, but allow aided him in ruling his empire. This creation of a universal empire allows for a much easier control over the empire, as the power has now been centralized under his control, as well as homogenizing the populations of Europe and Asia u...

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...lture and idea between people from different backgrounds throughout the empire. One of the fatal flaws of the Greek religion was that it did not discuss the afterworld like the other Asian and European religions, nor did they direct believers to more spiritual considerations. This allows for new mystery religions to arise which offered greater spiritual intimacy to the people as well as addressing the aspect of the afterlife, which was not previously disclosed in Greek religion. Furthermore, the effect of Hellenization can also be felt indirectly as provide the necessary infrastructure for the spread of these religions such as safe roads for the missionaries to travel to different region. Ultimately, it can be deduced that without the creation of a universal empire, the creation of a universal religion such as Christianity and Island would not have been possible.

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