Taking a Lok at Nosocomial Infections Essay

Taking a Lok at Nosocomial Infections Essay

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Patients in hospitals or in patient care faculties are unaware of the harmful agents they are exposed to when entering those environments. One harmful agent that can be obtained is a nosocomial infection. There are different types of nosocomial infections and numerous ways of acquiring them. Nosocomial infections are also known as hospital acquired infection (HAI). These infections are seriously life threatening but can be prevented. Nosocomial diseases are among some of the most common and costly medical problems today.
The term "nosocomial" comes from two Greek words put together. The word "nosus" meaning disease and the word "komeion" meaning to take care of. There are different definitions for nosocomial infection or HAI. One description is an infection that increases due to the hospitals environment and can be acquired by a patient during a hospital visit or one progressing amongst hospital staff. It is also defined as an infection that has been obtained in a hospital that was not present or incubating prior to the patient being admitted to the hospital and is potentially caused...

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