Taking a Closer Look at Siamese Twins Essay

Taking a Closer Look at Siamese Twins Essay

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"I'm a Conjoined Twin but I do not live a conjoined life"(Cole). People have questioned and became fascinated with conjoined twins for centuries. They have been worshiped as gods and as monsters. Conjoined twin have been accepted in our everyday lives as we grow to understand all their emotional and physical bonds and learn more about their developments. Conjoined twins should be kept together; because of many circumstances they have better change to survive.

The Siamese name comes from the well known twins Eng and Chang born to Chinese parents in Siam now known as Thailand. Siamese twins are formed by a single sperm which developed into almost two separate egg cells. The result of the conjoined cells become confused about what parts they control in the body.The conjoined twins are joined at the chest and abdomen. "The first surgical separation of Siamese twins was in 1953"(Kapoor). Siamese are always identical since they are the result of an incomplete division of a single egg cell rather than the fertilized of two separate eggs. Female siblings seem to have a greater chance of having a shot of survival than a male counterparts although many more males are conjoined at the womb than females twins, females are most likely to be born alive. Approximately seventy percent of conjoined twins are girls.

One of the most common types of conjoined twins is Thoracopagus twins. These twins are connected at the upper portion of the torso.Thoracopagus twins share a heart, which, depending on how closely they are joined, makes it nearly impossible to separate them and save them both. Another common type of conjoined twin is called Omphalopagus, where twins are conjoined at the lower chest but no heart is involved .Parasitic twins are when tw...

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...ormed me that it was the wretch, the filthy daemon, to whom I had given life" (Shelly). Just like conjoined twins. But they are not evil; they are human.
Conjoined twins are one of kind, each have different ways of living . They learn to live as conjoined twins but still have their own individual lives. Some twins have successful lives. Conjoined twin should be kept together because they have a greater chance at living a normal life without dying.

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