Taking a Closer Look at Care Ethics Essay

Taking a Closer Look at Care Ethics Essay

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Care ethics is a kind of ethics that evaluates which actions are right and which are wrong and is totally different from the other kinds of ethics. It is said to be proposed by the feminists in the twentieth century. Unlike the two other theories (Kantian ethics and utilitarianism) the care ethics doesn’t pay much attention to the question about justice. The main issue of this kind of ethics is the way we should response. In my opinion care ethics is accurate and effective and should be taken into account and used in people’s everyday life.
The etymology of the name Care Ethics can be easily understood from the simple meaning of these two words. The name says that it is an ethics that care; the supporters of this ethics claim the other kinds of ethics to be too formal and thus indifferent to real people and their feelings. This ethical theory includes three basic beliefs that are considered to be its cornerstones. The first belief is that all the people depend on each other and we should help the others to achieve their goals. The second belief is that every person is free to make his / her own choice but the feeling of the others as consequences of this choice must be taken into account. We should also think about the level of impact it can have on other person or people. The third belief is that we should always take the situational details into account and thus the rules are not universal and should be modified according to the characters of the people involved in the situation and the specific of the situation itself. I think that is it quite unfair to treat everybody universally (as the other branch of ethics) because we are all different personalities and the action which can seem funny for one can be very offensive for t...

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...e should response to care and it doesn’t mean than we should do something because we feel that it’s our obligation to do it but because we feel that we would need help in such a situation. In other words we should put ourselves in other’s shoes and have a good will to response for their care.
In my opinion give an accurate description of the world and the goals of it are really good. If everyone takes care of others and thinks about their feeling them we could probably be able to prevent pain and disappointing. I think that the goal of every person must be to take care of somebody else just because they have a good will to do it. This ethics can be applied in reality and I am doing my best to follow it in my everyday life. Of course it is not easy but it is possible and the happiness of the others brings me my own satisfaction that is why it’s really worth it.

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