Taking a Closer Look at an Ozone Molecule Essay

Taking a Closer Look at an Ozone Molecule Essay

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An ozone molecule contains three of oxygen atoms (O3) which included the molecular oxygen (O2) that is important in our life in order to survive. Ozone is also the form of UV rays (sun) from the upper parts of atmosphere which is called stratosphere. Another name for stratosphere is protective ozone layer because it can help to protect human from the harmful effect of the ultra-violet radiation (UV ray) by absorbing it. But the lower part of atmosphere which name troposphere, can easily causes harmful or damage to a lung tissues of human and also the leaves tissue of plants because of the strong oxidizing agent. However when sunny or warm days, an ozone that formed by nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the lower parts of atmosphere will react with volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Any combustion by a product will causes nitrogen oxides released into the atmosphere. Example when forest on fire, effect of the burning vegetation will cause released of the nitrogen oxides.

Ozone can enter the plant leaves through stomata (during gas exchange) and oxidizes the tissue of plant which can cause the process of biochemical and physiological change. Injury of foliar can easily observed when the plant cells on the process of dying. Example in the case of broadleaf plants, it can easily observe through the symptoms of interveinal necrotic on the leaves surface, that also called “oxidant stipple”.

(1) After it enters the leaves through the stomates, it will directly affects the cellular in vegetation by damaged it especially to mesophyll cells.
(2) Before enters the cells themselves, it will dissolves in the water that surrounding the cells.
(3) Change of membrane permeabilities are the effect damage of cellular. I...

... middle of paper ...

...ause photosynthesis produces antioxidants and it may lead to a higher sensitivity which antioxidants are in the lower levels at night. Response happened to ozone when alteration of metabolic pathways and repair of injured tissue protected by chemical reactions. From the confirmation of R. O. Teskey (1996), he noted that uptake of ozone may limit by stomatal regulation and also limiting for photosynthesis. However, availability in mechanisms of plant repair will also reduce.

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