Taking A Advantage Of Social Media Essay

Taking A Advantage Of Social Media Essay

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3. Take Full Advantage of Social Media
Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are vital to the continued success of your website. Take advantage of every opportunity to share your content on these platforms, and share often.
Keep in mind that social media feeds move at an incredibly fast pace and because of that, you’ll want to maintain a constant presence so that your content isn’t buried and lost.
Find new ways to repurpose old content to represent to your audience regularly on social media. Make the best use of your information by engaging across a variety of channels with messages carefully crafted to seamlessly integrate with the open dialogue that social media provides.
A few creative ways to repurpose old content include:
Rewriting your original blog post
Repurpose the copy to reflect an “interview style” with questions and answers.
Take the content and develop a new focal point that still puts your already written work to good use.
Share blog content via pinnable infographics
Boost your Pinterest traffic by creating different pinnable images that support your content in a variety of ways.
Develop clear action points and lists that can captivate Pinterest users to “save for later.”
Use appropriate keywords and attention-grabbing imagery to make sure your pins are easy to find and understand.
Host a webinar or online conversation
Take the foundation for your blog post and ask others to join a live conversation.
Do a live demonstration that covers your blog post content in person.
Ask other experts and authorities to share their personal thoughts and resources in a community dialogue.
A great example is how Adam Connell repurposed an expert roundup from his blog into a helpful infographic which was published...

... middle of paper ...

...gram that can keep your content organized and help you schedule at the most productive times will not only help drive traffic to your website but will also do wonders for your sanity!
Here are a few guidelines for consistent engagement on social media:
Facebook: Post 1-2 times daily on your business page. Visit, like and comment on 3 other pages every time you post.
Twitter: Post 6-10 times daily. Retweet 2-3 posts daily. Reply to all @ mentions within 24 hours. Keep content 30% you and 70% other content for your audience.
Instagram: Post 3 times daily. Every time you post, like 3 pictures in your feed and comment on 1 image.
Pinterest: Pin different content once hourly. Develop shared boards and invite other influencers to pin their content. Curate content from other thought leaders and authorities to create an “easy access” resource library for your followers.

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