Essay on Take Time For Your Life By Cheryl Richardson

Essay on Take Time For Your Life By Cheryl Richardson

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Sometimes in life you need some type of reassurance that something is ok. What I mean by that sometimes you might think an action is wrong or selfish maybe because of what you was always told but in reality that action was the best option for you. Reading the book “Take Time for Your Life” by Cheryl Richardson will teach you all of that. Honestly this is my first self-help book that I have ever read. In my opinion people should read these helpful books more often but in order to take information in you have to be open-minded. Take Time for Your Life contains a lot of useful information in it. What stood out to me was when she stated in the chapter what can coaching do for you “If you think "selfish" is a dirty word, learn to practice extreme self-care--put yourself at the top of the list and everyone else will benefit”. Many of times in my life I have put others first so they can feel happy but I always felt they never took time to care about its emotionally taking me down. There would be times that I couldn’t even do what I needed to finish all because I wanted to make sure that the other person needs was taking care of. It felt good to find out that I’m not selfish because I want to make sure that I’m happy and my needs are taking care of first. I liked how it helped me to understand where my energy draining might be coming from and setting up a “must do list”. I remember when I was younger I would feel so drained after being in certain places or even being around certain people. I remember my body hurting, suffering from headaches and much more but never truly understood, until I realized that it wasn’t anything wrong with me but rather my people and places. One thing I realized in life that its ok to eliminate yourself from ...

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... book it gave me a confirmation that if I think about myself before I think about others that it doesn’t make me a bad person or even a selfish person but rather makes me a person who cares about my self-being. She says that we should focus more on our lives then our personal goals and careers. If people spent more time focusing on their lives instead everything else there would be a lot happier people in the world. Many people are focus on things that aren’t important at all or they focus on their career or goals but have a life full of drama and upset. Your life is your foundation and your goals and career are what’s being built on your foundation. If you stack tons of things onto something that doesn’t have something steady to stand on them eventually it’s going to collapse. People need to focus more on living happy and learning that it’s ok to care for yourself.

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