Tacit Experience And Perspective Of Knowledge Management Essay

Tacit Experience And Perspective Of Knowledge Management Essay

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Tacit Experience and Perspective
The management of knowledge within the context of organizational processes is a determining factor of its effectiveness and level of performance. Hislop (2013) stated, "One of the key distinctions in the knowledge management literature relates to epistemology" (p. 8). In an attempt to acquire an in-depth understanding of key aspects of knowledge management I will analyze a key organizational job position that possesses valuable experience and traits of fulfilling responsibilities. My analysis will include a description of the organization and position, a review of the perspectives and types of knowledge, as described by Hislop (2013), as they relate to the job position, and the challenges encountered in transferring knowledge from experienced workers to new employees in respect to both intra-organizational and extra-organizational life.
The organization selected is a public high school, where I am currently employed, which services about 2700 students of which 90% are Hispanic and is located in deep south Texas in what is known as the Rio Grande Valley. The key position selected is the lead teacher of a core subject area whose effectiveness significantly involves the management of knowledge. The lead teacher of a core subject area is responsible for the leadership, supervision, and professional growth of a team of about seven to nine teachers. A unique quality of this high school and the overall school district to which it belongs is how school leaders have chosen to manage the transferring of knowledge and strategies among teachers to provide students with uniformity and consistency in their learning. In our specific geometry core area, for example, we have created our own lessons and created a...

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...) as, "...the process through which people develop an understanding of the knowledge, values and 'worldview ' of others" (p. 42). In the extra-organizational life these same issues recurs as students move on to college and undergo a similar process as new teachers, and face challenges and difficulties in developing knowledge in higher education.
Overall, this analysis provided an insightful learning of the different types and perspectives of knowledge and its development. The distinct perceptions of both tacit and explicit knowledge by the objectivist and practice-based perspectives highlighted strengths and weaknesses of each of their epistemologies of knowledge. According to this organization and job position analyzed, an organization 's level of performance will be significantly dependent on the understanding and management of tacit experience and perspective.

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