Systems Thinking: GE Capital Retail Bank Essay

Systems Thinking: GE Capital Retail Bank Essay

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Established in 1997, GE Capital Retail Bank has been a market leader in offering financial different financial solutions to small and middle businesses globally. Some of the financial services provided by this particular bank are financial loans, financing of aviation development projects, Healthcare based projects and real estate development among others. All these financial solutions are designed on a case-by-case basis in order to suit various customers. GE Capital Retail Bank has branches in over 50 countries with an asset base of over 500 billion dollars. GE Capital Retail Bank has proved to offer outstanding services since it started operating. The bank dedicates to offering customers services that are valuable in all aspects therefore ensuring customer satisfaction. This paper will analyze the strategic goals, mission and vision statements in relation to how they will help to ensure that the development of a modernized mobile banking service. The external and internal factors that will affect the organization when the new service is launched to customers and market at large will also be discussed at length. Tentative recommendations to ensure that there is effective service is delivered to clients.

The mission of GE Capital Retail Bank is to provide financial solutions to all businesses that approach us. This will be made possible by:
• Providing timely and superior services to our clients
• Employing a multi dynamic and diverse workforce
• Providing services and solutions that are of value to our clients
The vision of GE Capital Retail Bank is to be the leading financial provider around the globe. This will include:
• Ensuring that our clients are satisfied in our services at al...

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...ates in the most efficient and effective way.

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