Systems Theory : The Social, Cultural, And Economic Effects On Changing Systems Of Human Societies

Systems Theory : The Social, Cultural, And Economic Effects On Changing Systems Of Human Societies

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To begin with, systems theory is an approach to comprehend the complexity of human societies. Oftentimes, human beings cause difficulties within communities. Social institutions involve repeated patterns of behavior. They govern the behavior of a group of individuals ' apart of a particular society. In a static system, they don 't experience any significant changes. Whereas, a dynamic system does experience significant changes in either one or more methods.
In part six "This Little Piggy Went To Market: The Social, Cultural, and Economic Effects of Changing Systems of Swine Production In Iowa, Barbara J. Dilly" of the novel, Paradigms for Anthropology An Ethnographic Reader Edited By E. Paul Durrenberger and Suzan Erem described an individual being able to grow corn and provide it to pigs as their primary consumption and then use their manure as a source of fertilization to grow an abundance of corn; which it sounds as though it can be sustainable. For example, it can be sustainable if an individual who had the labor position of a farmer and the responsibility to make certain there 's an ongoing balance between the pigs as well as corns. The conflict arises when the farmer is outnumbered by pigs and has less corn because then there will be an excessive amount of pig manure that can be used; this will result into the system being unbalanced. For instance, an individual part of a corporation that sells pork would want to make as many pounds of pork as one can in as little time as one can as inexpensive as one can. In this case, the pig manure isn 't considered as being nutrient it 's considered as being an industrial waste. A person would dispose of the pig manure in any way one could. With that being said, one would dispose...

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... retire within the region are corporate agribusiness managers. They don 't have that much of an interest in the situations in the local environment they 're within. "But corporate managers greatly value the rights of private property ownership enjoyed by rural residents. These rights gain in any way they can get away with under the law for their exclusive benefit" (Durrenberger, E.P., & Erem, S., 2010, p.276).
To conclude, the water provided to human beings of societies can be contaminated when pigs are gathered together and their manure becomes submerged with it. The lives of the Anatolian villagers and Iowans are both defined by agriculture. With that being said, the Anatolian villagers and Iowans know how to farm. Lately, farming for both societies haven 't been as significant as before. Now, Anatolian villagers and Iowans don 't prefer to farm any longer.

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