Essay on Systems Of Health Care System

Essay on Systems Of Health Care System

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Systems of Health Care for OEF/OIF Veterans
The DoD’s health care system offers an array of services to active-duty military and their family members, along with veteran’s who meet a criterion in order to qualify and their families, along with some reserve-component members and their families. Active duty members receive health care services from DoD in military treatment facilities/clinics. These services are provided to veterans and their family members through contracts with civilian network providers. The health insurance plan that most if not all veterans qualify for is TRICARE, which works similarly to many private health insurance plans. A dilemma veterans face with TRICARE, like any civilian utilizing any insurance plan is the cap. This fear of exceeding the cap could be a reason for the large homeless population of veterans. Veterans currently make up a third of the homeless population.
Veterans and some active-duty members who qualify receive health care services from the VHA. The VHA has a total of 877 hospitals and clinics, within the given statistic an estimated 200 outpatient and day treatment programs for PTSD, as well as inpatient units focused on PTSD. The primary care out patient setting is where the VHA delivers care for depression.
Veterans with combat service after November 11, 1998 (this includes OEF/OIF veterans) are eligible to receive cost-free health care through the VHA for five years and after separations of conditions that are potentially service connected; those who enroll during this five year period could potentially keep receiving services, although there is a possibility that some may be charged copayments for non-service-connected care. Service-connected disabilities are ...

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...d troops in an effort to ensure that there are programs to fill the access gaps left by restricted VHA capacity. The New York State Office of Mental Health is partnering with the VHA to offer mental health screening as part of the New York National Guard Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program. There is currently no information on the extent to which the many and diverse state and local initiatives have increased access to mental health services for OEF/OIF veterans.
Gaps in Quality of Care
Unfortunately while program and policy initiatives address the mental health needs of OEF/OIF veterans increasing access to care by extending eligibility or hiring more providers, major quality gaps within the mental health care system is co-occurring. Until this issue regarding the gaps gets addressed we increase the chances of veterans receiving poor quality health care.

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