Systems Group Marketing : Brand And Lead Generation Operational Essay

Systems Group Marketing : Brand And Lead Generation Operational Essay

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Systems Group marketing adds value in two broad categories: customer facing lead generation
engine and internally facing owner of the corporation’s brand and lead generation operational
supply chain. As a customer facing, lead generation oriented organization, System’s
marketing team approaches the marketplace via a number of carefully integrated media
Internally facing activities include:
Both the customer facing and internally oriented areas of the marketing value chain are
inextricably intertwined. I developed this wheel diagram several years ago to describe the
complex dynamic that exists between them. An argument can be made that without the
diagnostics the chain would atrophy, losing value and mission focus over time.
The wheel recognizes the different layers of
the marketing mission, it both builds outward
from the center and flows clockwise starting
from the top. The arched sides of the wheel
outline the overlapping role operations and
analytics is exerting on the process to guide the
development of the marketing strategy and
campaign execution in markets worldwide.
• Web • Event • Inside Sales
• Mail • Publications • Advertising
• Brand Development
• Brand Message Education
• Management of advertising, event,
collateral and third party vendor
• Performance metrics and operations
• Development and maintenance of
operational systems that organize and
manage marketing campaigns.
• Development, dissemination, partial
funding, and usage enforcement of
messaging templates and co-marketing
programs for business partners.
• Integrating and unifying cross-brand strategy, guiding execution, monitoring
performance, assessing efficacy, providing customer / marketplace insight and
affinity to the IBM...

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...message, look and feel in-market to
overall drive greater profitability.
In addition to developing our own tools, IBM has bought companies that were pioneers in their
field, such as UNICA to unify marketing campaign development and deployment.
Standardized deployment can have an especially profound effect on operations and analysis.
For example, creating a uniform template for URL design can greatly aid in visit capture and
enable specialized report segmentation using post-deployment activity mapping; this is
especially important when trying to bridge brand webpages created in a prior year to newly
created, current year campaign strategy. For example: properly attributing a previously
created storage page that is being used to support the launch of a new Storage – POWER
server bundle would negative impact performance management and cost assessment.
Diagramming the bro

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