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Technology that harnesses and perhaps brings out the best and redefines the very way working is done has got lot to be talked upon. Because what was thought just a gradual process of logics and application is today dominating the every sector of life no matter how diminutive it may be. Perhaps that’s the irony of present day, where there are numerous technologies that have actually redefined the very way of working and the way they are anticipated.
For the current project pertaining to elite institution web site which pledges to bridge the communication gap between the students and teachers, there were many options which could provide a comfortable interface to work upon. The options are many and therefore thresholds are limited when it comes to choosing a technology out of the same. Frankly speaking even the most ambitious web portals have their foundation laid on the HTML tags and they build upon that. So to opt for any particular technology, it’s basically the environment that suits you the most and the work mode that gives you that extra flexibility to build your imagination coming down to touch down real lives.
The Hypertext Preprocessor (PHP) is being used in our project and what prompt its usage are its light weight compatibility version and its wide popular recognition among the users. But before we delve into the core advantages of having used PHP in the project its essential to see what have the other technologies to offer.
Besides the PHP there are many other popular languages which scaffold the websites interface, like the Active Server Pages (ASP), ColdFusion and PERL which are the top contenders of choice for a web programmer. And what influences their utilization is its m...

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...dent community is wrapped up. And what adds more to it, is the flexibility and simultaneous updating of several files that are going to be modified and hence maintaining a copy of the same in the data warehouse as information repository.
To put in a nutshell there are lots of tools which can be thoroughly used for maintaining an excellent web portal and the combination of PHP and MySQL provides an ardent measure to have good hold of data and simulate its operation. The synchronization of data precedence and its handling is handled quite well in the open source environment that imbibes two most popular and competent front end and back end tools which make it quite a potent tool to handle sophisticated data. And what adds more to it is the interface that comprehends more to business oriented dashboards that acclimatize to the high marking on quality and technology.

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