System Control and Religion: A Personal Opinion Essay

System Control and Religion: A Personal Opinion Essay

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Have you ever wondered why religion exists, or maybe how come there are so many different religions? Each religion claims to be the one true religion, having the one (or many) true god(s). Well, have you ever thought there may be more to the story? Different religions appeal to different people, right? Religion is one of the things that keep people in order. The Ten Commandments, The Bible, prophets, and all of that. They all drill into your mind that if you don’t obey terrible things will happen to you, for example, hell, karma, and the like. What if I told you that religion was put here for the soul purpose to scare you?
In theory, religion is part of system control. So, your next question might be, what is system control? System control is exactly what it sounds like. It’s the system controlling you, the people. Well then what is the system? The system is made up of many different components. The government, churches, and even schools. Now “the system” isn’t all bad. That’s not my point here at all. System control on the other hand is almost unconstitutional. Life, liberty, the ...

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