Essay on Syrian Uprising: How the Assad´s Regime Deteriorate the Country

Essay on Syrian Uprising: How the Assad´s Regime Deteriorate the Country

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describe the current situation in Syria: chaos, the level of security is affected by the civil war.
how its diplomatic strategy is involved: has been sponsored by Iran => in status of war with Israel, and has always been opposing the spread of “imperialism” backed by the US.
Thesis: the eruption of civil war is an inevitable consequence of the deep-rooted and unresolved conflicts accumulated from the past several decades.
- Similar to Libya, it was originated in the provinces, and not at all in terms of preparation. In fact, the uprising was spontaneous responses of the Syrians to Damascus’s brutal suppression.
- First week of March, security forces arrested 10 children aged 15 or younger for borrowing a slogan from the Egyptian revolution and writing it on a wall (“Down with the regime.”) They then were imprisoned and tortured. the first few weeks, their families tried to protest on the streets. The police opened fire and killed severals. The next day, their funeral brought out 20,000 demonstrators who chanted slogans and attacked government buildings.
- Coincidentally, the northern city Banias was filled with demonstrators also. The protests, similarly, uprised from reflecting local concerns to discussion of national issues (brutality, absence of democratic institutions,...)
Protests then spread to other cities and reached Hama in summer.
- Economy: shift from a state-dominated economy in time of Hafez, rooting from the Egypt’s then corrected to be more “radical” (draconian land reform) to a “social market economy” under Bashar’s presidency. However, the social market economy was found repe...

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- “Carrot and Stick”:
+ mollify people w cosmetic reforms (repealed emergency law, but didnt rescind the presidental decree, and it didnt really curb the bloodlust of the government.)
+ offer concessions to constituencies to ensure their quiescence, basically the Kurds and moderate Islamists.
blame on the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the supporters of Lebanese Prime Minister Hariri while violently suppress the rebels.
- 2013 October - President Assad allows international inspectors to begin destroying Syria's chemical weapons on the basis of a US-Russian agreement.
2014 February - UN-brokered peace talks in Geneva fail, largely because Syrian authorities refuse to discuss a transitional government.
- apply IR theories to make speculation

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